„You have three hundred friends, not bad, you have never seen them in your life but you know them like the back of your hand, day and night they tirelessly write to you about what they’ve just had to eat, what they’ve had to drink, what film they’ve seen that they stole from the net, what they think about the war in Mali, in Georgia or some other country that’s been entirely fabricated for the TV news. You have a bank account where you hoard non-existent money with which you pay off non-existent debts, you buy machine-aged jeans, you travel to non-existent countries where through bullet-proof glass and the misty veils of your expensive vaccinations you are touched by the sight of poverty.“

— Map of Anna

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Material Fatigue

Two brothers, the younger one 13 years of age, the older about 20, are fleeing from an unnamed country (one can imagine though it is Syria) that is suffering from war. They lost their home and family. With the help of professional traffickers they will be smuggled into Europe. Immediately at the start of their […]

Map of Anna

Can this book even be called a novel in the first place? It certainly skirts traditional notions about what constitutes a novel, as it’s comprised of ten short stories, each of which can be read and understood on its own. These stories are, however, connected by a clear thematic thread, leading to a situation where […]

Stay Tuned

A Magnesia Litera Award-winning collection of eight short stories and novellas by the young writer and Jiří Orten Award winner, Marek Šindelka. The loneliness of a couple, which doesn’t communicate but still speaks, emanates from the title novella named after the popular TV news catchphrase. An exquisitely written text about love, sex, disappointment and helplessness. […]


The remarkable debut novel from Marek Šindelka, already the recipient of his country’s major literary awards for poetry (Jiří Orten Prize) and prose (Magnesia Litera), Aberrant is a multifaceted work that mixes and mashes together a variety of genres and styles to create a heady concoction of crime story, horror story (inspired by the Japanese […]


Marek Šindelka made his debut with the collection Strychnin a jiné básně (Strychnine and Other Poems, Paseka, 2005), for which he was awarded the Jiří Orten Award. On iLiteratura, Richard Klíčník describes the book thus: “The poetic debut Strychnine and Other Poemsis a contemplative reflection on the thinking of the young. Šindelka attempts to thoroughly reflect upon […]

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Marek Šindelka (1984) is a poet and novelist. He made his debut with the volume of verse Strychnin (Strychnine) for which he was awarded the Jiří Orten Prize 2006. Two years later he published his first novel Chyba (Aberrant), a book that was well received by both critics and readers. Šindelka is one of the new upcoming authors in Czech literature and has already shown his ability as a writer. Together with the illustrator Vojtěch Mašek he turned his novel Aberrant into a graphic novel. It gave them the opportunity to present the story in another way and develop other lines in the story and thus presenting a new view. In 2001 he published a volume of short stories called Zůstaňte s námi (Stay Tuned), expressing a critical and ironic view on contemporary life. The book was awarded with the Litera Magnesia Prize 2012 and was nominated for the Josef Škvorecký Prize 2012. His last book is Mapa Anny (Map of Anna), a set of short stories that are interconnected with each other and digs deep into the personal feelings and lives of young people. The Dutch edition of Map of Anna was published in 2016 by the publishing house Das Magazin and met with tremendous response by both critics and readers. Late 2016 Šindelka published Únava materiálu (Material Fatigue), a controversial novel about refugees.