Second print run of Materiaalmoeheid

After 2,500 copies were sold within just half a year, Das Mag publishers released a new print run of "Materiaalmoeheid", the Dutch edition of Material Fatigue (Únava materiálu). Translated by Edgar De Bruin. ***** "Razor sharp" (Knack) ***** "(Material Fatigue) makes an overwhelming impression." (De Standaard) ***** "Material fatigue is an impressive feat of an incredibly… Continue reading Second print run of Materiaalmoeheid

Der Fehler, the German edition of Aberrant is out

Published by Residenz Verlag in the translation of Doris Kouba. Aberrant The remarkable debut novel from Marek Šindelka, already the recipient of his country’s major literary awards for poetry (Jiří Orten Prize) and prose (Magnesia Litera), Aberrant is a multifaceted work that mixes and mashes together a variety of genres and styles to create a… Continue reading Der Fehler, the German edition of Aberrant is out

Aberrant reviewed in Necessary Fiction

Hannah Weber reviews Aberrant for Necessary Fiction, commenting that: "From its opening panorama to its dire final chapters, Aberrant reads like an art-house thriller. Ripe and vivid, this first novel is a testament to Šindelka’s skill and meticulous research, as well as his honest esteem for an often ignored but ever-present natural world. One closes… Continue reading Aberrant reviewed in Necessary Fiction

‘Aberrant’ first look review

Marek Šindelka’s ‘Abberant’, translated by Nathan Fields and published at the end of April by Twisted Spoon Press, is featured in Words Without Borders’ May Watchlist. “Think Orlean’s The Orchid Thief on acid. It’s all kinds of funky, and in the hands of a lesser writer (and translator), it could have been little more than a hot,… Continue reading ‘Aberrant’ first look review