Materiaalmoeheid shortlisted for the Europese Literatuurprijs

"Materiaalmoeheid", the Dutch edition of Marek Šindelka's novel "Únava materiálu" (Material Fatigue) is on the short list for the Europese Literatuurprijs (European Literature Prize). A prize for the best novel in Dutch translation. The winner will be crowned at the Crossing Border Festival late October (10,000 Euro's for the author and 5,000 for the translator). The… Continue reading Materiaalmoeheid shortlisted for the Europese Literatuurprijs

Second print run of Materiaalmoeheid

After 2,500 copies were sold within just half a year, Das Mag publishers released a new print run of "Materiaalmoeheid", the Dutch edition of Material Fatigue (Únava materiálu). Translated by Edgar De Bruin. ***** "Razor sharp" (Knack) ***** "(Material Fatigue) makes an overwhelming impression." (De Standaard) ***** "Material fatigue is an impressive feat of an incredibly… Continue reading Second print run of Materiaalmoeheid